Tequila is only made from one thing. It's made exclusively from the fermented and distilled juices of a
cactus-like plant commonly known as the
Agave. However, the Agave family consists of many different
individual varieties. (
the Aloe Vera  plant for example is also in the Agave family ) So, only one
particular variety, known as
Weber's Blue Agave, can be used to produce Tequila.

Blue Agave plants used for Tequila production must also be mature enough before they can be
used at all, which typically takes anywhere from 8 to 12 years. After a long wait for maturity, the Agave
plants are eventually harvested by cutting them off at the base and trimming off all the external "leaves",
leaving just the central core of the plant to be used in the Tequila making process.
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Q: What exactly is Tequila made of?
Above:  The " Jimador " ( the head Agave inspector and  master pruner ) begins the harvesting
process by cutting off the pointed tips, making it easier to work his way down to the core of the plant.

Video : Watch how it's been done for over 200 years.
Although the spirit known as Mezcal is produced from an Agave variety also, it is not the same as
Tequila and tastes very different. And contrary to popular belief, Mezcal has a worm in the bottle,
Tequila does not.

How do they make Tequila ?
Where does Tequila come from ?

Who makes the best Tequila?

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When the trimming process is complete, the plant core resembles a big fat pineapple, so from then
on they are known as "Piñas". The Piñas are then trucked over to the distillery for the Tequila
making process.